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About the firm

The firm was founded by Roy NATHAN who was joined by Aline CONDROTTE in 2016 in order to create the firm NATHAN & CONDROTTE in 2018.

Our values

Our firm includes personalities with strong competences in various fields of law, so as to offer a complete service to our clients.

The ability to respond to all of our clients' issues, whether in commercial, civil or administrative matters, but also by handling more specific cases such as business litigation, insolvency proceedings and construction law as well as our approach to any case is fully dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients.

The priority of our law firm consists in offering availability and responsiveness to our clients who we provide with personalised treatment in order to develop a relation of trust by taking the necessary time to understand their needs and constraints.

The Team



Roy is a lawyer at the Luxembourg Bar and is in obtainment of a Master’s degree from the University of Aix-Marseille as well as an LLM from the London School of Economics (LSC). He has been a member of the Luxembourg Bar since 1984.

Having worked as an associate for more than 10 years in several local law firms, he first became the partner of the law firm Nathan & Noesen for 20 years to finally create his own law firm in 2015 being joined by Aline CONDROTTE as a partner.

By having a forty years’ experience in Luxembourgish law, Roy obtained a solid background in both, civil and business litigation.

His favored areas of practice are: civil liability, construction law, insurance, civil and commercial litigation as well as criminal law.

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Aline is a lawyer at the Luxembourg Bar with Master's degree in European Law and an LLM in European and International Tax Law obtained at the University of Luxembourg. She is a member of the Luxembourg Bar and joined the law firm Roy NATHAN in 2016.

Having worked for several years in the tax/corporate law department of a major Luxembourgish business law firm, she decides to fully dedicate herself to business litigation, and joins Roy NATHAN as a partner in 2018.

Her experience in business law allows her to have a know-how in civil litigation as well as in business litigation and corporate law and her preferred areas of practice are: civil and commercial litigation, corporate law, tax litigation as well as real estate and construction law.

Coupled with her numerous skills, Aline CONDROTTE also acts as an attorney in bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings.

She became a member of the Luxembourg Bar Council in 2020, of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) and is the representative of the Luxembourg Bar to the European Observatory of Bars.

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Cristofor MACOVEI


Cristofor MACOVEI is a lawyer at the Court and holds a Master's degree in law from the Free University of Brussels (ULB) and an LLM also from the Free University of Brussels (ULB). He has been a member of the Luxembourg Bar since 2012.

Before joining NATHAN & CONDROTTE in 2022, he worked as an associate for more than 5 years in several Luxembourg law firms before creating his own law firm in 2017.

His experience of nearly 10 years in Luxembourg law allows him to have a wealth of experience in both civil and business litigation.

His main areas of practice are: business law, property law, insurance, civil and commercial litigation and bankruptcy and over-indebtedness law.

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Nour ALIOUI is a paralegal, she holds a Master I in personal law and litigation as well as a Master II in business law both obtained at the University of Toulon.

Nour has successfully obtained the Certificate of Complementary Training in Luxembourg Law (CCDL).

Before joining NATHAN & CONDROTTE in 2022, she worked at the judicial court of Toulon and at the judicial court of Metz in the enforcement of sentences department.

Her main areas of practice are: civil and commercial litigation, contract law and criminal law.

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Our expertises

Commercial and
corporate law

  • Incorporation of companies (choice of structure; articles of association; management and follow-up of formalities)
  • Management of relations between shareholders (shareholders' agreement; statutory clause)
  • Assistance and advice in the choice of management (management bodies) and its functioning
  • Legal follow-up of companies (drafting of preparatory documents for general meetings, board of directors, supervisory board or other management or control bodies; drafting of minutes; assistance during meetings, etc.)
  • Status of directors (examination of the rules governing the combination of employment contracts and corporate offices; remuneration; profit sharing; protection, etc.)
  • Capital transactions
  • Restructuring (transformation of companies; universal transmission of assets; creation of subsidiaries and holding companies, etc.)
  • Drafting of commercial leases and transfer of leasehold rights
  • Negotiation, conclusion, execution and termination of your commercial contracts
  • Drafting of your commercial contracts (confidentiality agreements, service contracts, partnership contracts, etc.)
  • Audit of your contracts
  • Amicable collection of debts
  • Application for payment order
  • Summonses and requests to appear before the court
  • Seizures

Insolvency and

  • Drafting and filing of the admission of ban
  • Discharge of bankruptcy following a judgment declaring the company bankrupt
  • Simplified voluntary liquidation procedures in 3 steps
  • Receivership in bankruptcy and liquidation of companies (appointed by the commercial court)


  • An address in Luxembourg City to establish the registered office of your companies
  • Full legal services and advice on the choice of structure for the incorporation of your companies
  • Provision of managers / directors of Luxembourg companies
  • Accounting and auditing services provided by our close network of professionals
  • Deposit of bearer shares according to the law of 28 July 2014

Civil law

  • Contract law, in particular bank contracts, guarantee contracts
  • Debt collection, seizures
  • Liability law: civil liability, public liability
  • Insurance law
  • Litigation in VAT matters

Family law

  • Matrimonial regimes
  • Divorce
  • Wills, inheritance
  • Alimony and child support
  • Child custody rights
  • Guardianship, curatorship

Employment law

  • Dismissal, resignation, termination by mutual agreement
  • Negotiation of transactions
  • Leave, illness
  • Secondment
  • Maternity leave, parental leave
  • Adjustment of working hours
  • Work accident
  • Harassment

Real Estate

  • Construction law
  • Real estate agent's mandate
  • Lease law, commercial lease
  • Administrative litigation relating to building permits
  • Co-ownership, Syndic

Administrative law

  • Urban planning, authorisation of establishment, classified establishments (commodo-incommodo)
  • Procurement law
  • Foreigners' law
  • Tax litigation
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